Fresh Pasta as you have never tasted before

This slogan always rings true for Tortora Pasta Factory, though it has been operating in the national and international market for over 15 years.


For us it is the choice of raw materials that comes first. Only a few but genuine ones in order to guarantee end consumers a top quality product. Being genuine is showing everyone what we are made of and it makes us feel very happy. You can try it too.


Our pasta is made with the best durum wheat coming from ‘Tavoliere delle Puglie’. (A plain in Apulia, southern Italy)


The artisanal production process has been integrated with the most modern technologies. This allows us to obtain a quality product with a higher shelf life of 90 - 120 days without adding any extra additive.


Bronze wire-drawing system gives fresh pasta a wrinkled surface to allow for better hold of the sauces used.


Quality products like ours can only be obtained through the use of the best Italian semolina available on the market and the involvement of a highly motivated and knowledgeable staff. Unique for its flavor and texture and created with love, our fresh pasta is truly an artisanal masterpiece.

SHELF LIFE: 90-120 days

It is true that our plants are innovative, but they keep the artisanal process of the product. Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology along with the pasteurization of the finished product ensures a long shelf-life of the product without adding any extra additive. The nutritional value of 12.25% proteins is one of the highest in the reference market.


Our products would normally be positioned in the medium-high end of the market. Through a flexible and slightly vertical structure we are able to keep an excellent price compared to high quality.

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